Training and Resources in Early Education (TREE)

Early childhood development is vital to laying a solid foundation for tertiary education. LexisNexis therefore directs a portion of its CSI funds to supporting its close relationship with an organisation known as TREE (Training and Resources in Early Education) in KwaZulu-Natal. LexisNexis provides financial assistance to 10 TREE pre-schools around Durban where it is headquartered, and has encouraged staff to volunteer their time and skills to help physically develop these schools.

TREE believes that all children should have access to quality, sustainable early childhood development so that they can develop to their full educational and personal potential.

TREE's VISION is to see a nation that values and affirms young children and gives them opportunities to develop to their full potential, in line with their developmental rights and needs.

TREE's MISSION is to promote and support quality, sustainable, holistic early childhood development (ECD) for children from birth to age 7, in marginalized communities, by providing access to quality training in ECD for adults, who impact on the lives of young children, and access to a range of resources for ECD.