LexisNexis Data Services

Data Services

LexisNexis Data Services helps uncover the information that commercial organisations and government agencies need to get a complete picture of individuals, businesses and assets with industry-leading data and analytic solutions. With solutions such as Lexis® ProcureCheck, Lexis® Diligence, Lexis® RefCheck and Lexis® WinDeed, the division’s specialised risk-management tools make it easier for organisations to carry out background screening of individuals and organisations, searches of public record information, due diligence and property vetting. LexisNexis Data Services quickly and efficiently delivers specific, in-depth information gathered across thousands of unique data sources to address industry-specific needs.

LexisNexis Data Services provides access to information relating to people, companies and close corporations, delivering actionable intelligence to help organisations make critical business decisions with confidence and speed.

LexisNexis Data Services includes: