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Lexis® Assure is the automated solution you need to save time and resource.

Effortlessly track New Legislation

Curated by a team of top South African legal experts, it features daily email alerts, meaningful analysis and compliance calendars that helps you track and respond to changes in regulation relevant to your business.

Alerts contain risk rating and detail the penalties for non-compliance so you can prioritise operational changes with the big picture in mind.

As part of the MyLexisNexis portfolio of legal research and digital products, LexisAssure also integrates with Practical Guidance. Together, they deliver a robust collection of case law commentaries, precedents, checklists, and more to help you take action and stay on the right side of the law.

Regulatory Universe
    A convenient snapshot of all the acts relevant to your business and the associated compliance risk for each one.
Pro-Active Alerts
    Customisable emails that put legislative changes on your radar within 48 hours of their occurrence.
Meaningful Analysis
    Plain English explanations of the law and your compliance obligations written by our team of top SA legal experts.
Compliance Calendar
    Flags the dates that laws go into effect and details the penalties for non-compliance.
Practical Advice
    Links to relevant guidance notes, checklists and other tools to assist you in mitigating your compliance risk.

LexisAssure Subject Areas

The General Package is the starting point for all LexisAssure users. It covers legislative changes to human resources, corporate finance and general compliance across all industries. Alternatively you could subscribe to your industry specific subject area or content from the rest of Africa

Subject Areas African Content  
• Safety, Health, Environment
• Transport
• Financial Services
• Government and Municipalities
• Legal
• Manufacturing
• Pharmaceutical
• Professional Services
• Retail
• Ghana
• Tanzania
• Uganda

For precedents, forms, checklists and "how-to" legal resources visit Lexis® Practical Guidance
For a comprehensive digital library of legal information, organised by subject area visit Lexis® Libary

Lexis® Library , Lexis®Assure and Lexis® Practical Guidance are all available on www.mylexisnexis.co.za

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