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South Africa’s most authoritative and comprehensive collection for legal research.

Lexis® Libary is for professionals, corporates and government. It provides you will all-in-one access to legislation, commentary, case law and more. LexisLibrary is in-depth legal information for competitive edge for law, tax and financial service professionals, HR Compliance and Health and Safety Business Managers.

The greatest value in having Lexis Library is that it is a comprehensive and easy-to-access, covering all categories and topics in one centralised digital platform. Unlike having to wade through hundreds of websites or physical books, LexisLibrary provides you with all you need to know in one place.

Enhance your research with LEGAL CITATOR

Unique to Lexisher as precedent, and examines the strength and history of those judgment. With hyperlinks to law reports and statutes, Legal Citator is an invaluable research tool

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Stay up to date with CURRENT AWARENESS

A daily email alert service which comes with Lexis Libary. This feature keeps you updated on news, legislation sand case law. Customisable and with direct links to other LexisNexis publications, it’s the obvious choice for keeping up-to-date.

  • All-In-One
    o Comprehensive digital library including every Act in South Africa at your fingertips
  • Analyse Judgments
    o Legal Citator examines the way in which reported judgments treat each other as a precedent
  • Stay up to date
    o Current Awareness instantly lets you know of any changes to legislation with the twice-daily “Stop Press.”
  • Work more effectively
    o Simple, advanced online searches and time saving with instant cross-referencing between commentary, cases, legislation and other legal materials
  • Select a package
    o Packages allow you to access content dependent on your needs, size of business and budget

We are continually working to improve our online product offering.  Our latest technical releases are listed below.
Find out more by reading the update summaries or viewing the relevant videos where available.

March 2017
- Pre-filter Search
- Tax Cases Focus Search
- Point in Time Legislation click here
- Customer Support Chat Service
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July 2017
- Law Reports Original PDFs click here
- New interface design click here
- Content Support Chat Service click here
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For precedents, forms, checklists and "how-to" legal resources visit Lexis® Practical Guidance
To mitigate your compliance risk with email alerts, meaningful analysis and compliance calendars to help you track and respond to changes in regulation visit Lexis®Assure

Lexis® Library , Lexis®Assure and Lexis® Practical Guidance are all available on www.mylexisnexis.co.za