Burrell's South African Patent and Design Law

Burrell's South African Patent and Design Law is indisputably the leading textbook on patent legislation in South Africa. Since the original edition was published in 1972 it has been referred to constantly by patent attorneys, agents and students.

It provides a critical account of South African patent law, discusses the practical and legal implications of the repealed Patents Act 37 of 1952 and of the Patents Act 57 of 1978. For ease of reference the full text of the Patents Act 57 of 1978 and Regulations as well as selected ancillary legislation has been included. The work also includes the Paris Convention for Protection of Industrial Property.

Wide use is made of verbatim extracts from judgments and the material is arranged in clearly marked paragraphs, each dealing with a separate principle of the law. Footnotes provide information on relevant cases to aid further research.

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  • The South African patent system
  • The application
  • The grant
  • The grounds of revocation
  • Infringement
  • Title to, and interest in, a patent
  • Legal proceedings
  • Corrections and amendments
  • Extension of the term of a patent
  • Corrections and amendments
  • The SA design registration system
  • General