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LexisNexis Research Solutions

LexisNexis Research Solutions

What makes LexisNexis stand out from our competitors is the sheer range and depth of information we manage and deliver. Specialising in the areas of law, tax, accounting and financial services. LexisNexis publications are highly regarded as sources of accurate, current and reliable information. Our impressive list includes corporate, legal and student titles, law reports, statutes and legislative material, financial services and tax titles, forms and precedents, and more.

LexisNexis delivers accurate, up-to-date information and authoritative editorial commentary for professionals, government, corporates and students in print, online, mobile and eBook format.

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  LexisNexis | Law Books   LexisNexis | Tax Books   LexisNexis | Financial Services Books  
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  LexisNexis | LexisLibrary   LexisNexis | LexisAssure   LexisNexis | PracticalGuidance  
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  LexisNexis | LexisMobile     LexisNexis | Major Works