Silke on South African Income Tax

Silke on South African Income Tax is widely regarded as the definitive South African publication on Income Tax. It covers all matters relating to taxation on individuals, companies and other business entities in 4 looseleaf binders. There are over 3 000 pages of quality commentary and the Act, which is cross referenced to each paragraph in the commentary, is produced in a supplementary booklet every year.

Silke on South African Income Tax is a distinguished publication that contains the most exhaustive and detailed commentary available on South African Income Tax.

It is practical and clearly written. The author is a leading authority in the field of income tax and the publication is updated to stay current as legislation changes.

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  • Volume 1
    • Introduction
    • Receipts and accruals
    • Income and capital
    • Special inclusions
    • Residence and source
    • Exempt income
    • General deductions
  • Volume 2
    • Special deductions
    • Dividends
    • Individuals
    • Partnerships
    • Estates and trusts
    • Companies
    • Non-residents
    • Farming operations
    • Mining
    • Special provisions
  • Volume 3
    • General provisions
    • Tax avoidance
    • Employee’s tax
    • Provisional tax
    • The loan levy
    • Donations tax
    • Capital gains
    • Interpretation
  • Volume 4
    • Appendix: Double Taxation Agreements