The South African Law of Trade Marks

The South African Law of Trade Marks is an authorative and comprehensive commentary on the law of trade marks in South Africa written by pre-eminent experts. The work is richly annotated with important legal decisions in this field of law to facilitate further research.

The South African Law of Trade Marks contains the full text of the Trade Marks Act 194 of 1993 and Regulations and ancillary legislation relating to trade marks. It is regularly updated so that you stay abreast of developments in this field of law.

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  • The register and Registrar of Trade Marks
  • The nature of a trade mark
  • Use of a trade mark
  • The applicant for registration
  • Bars to registration of a trade mark
  • Comparison of marks
  • Procedure for registration of a trade mark
  • Conditions, duration and renewal of registration
  • Special registrations
  • Licensing, assignment and hypothecation
  • Infringement of a trade mark
  • Rectification of the register
  • Court proceedings relating to trade marks
  • Unlawful competition and passing off
  • Company names and trading styles
  • Counterfeit Goods and Merchandise Marks Acts
  • GATT Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)