The National Credit Act Explained

The National Credit Act Explained was written to provide a practical and systematic guide to the very complex piece of legislation that is the National Credit Act. The author draws the links between the various interrelationships that exist between the various provisions, parts and chapters in the Act.

It is essential that all credit grantors in banks, retailers and cash loans businesses have knowledge of and are compliant with the Act or their dealings will have no force and effect. The work serves as an introduction to, and a bird's-eye view of, the Act. It provides a simple summary and basic commentary on the Act.

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  • General Introduction and Historical Background
  • Synopsis of National Credit Act and Basic Concepts
  • Scope of Application of National Credit Act
  • Consumer Credit Institutions and Regulative Matters
  • Conclusion and Variation of Credit Agreements
  • Rights and Duties of Consumers
  • Rights and Duties of Credit Providers
  • Financial Matters
  • Dispute Settlement and Debt Enforcement
  • Offences
  • Effect of National Credit Act on Existing Legislation and Agreements