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For over 85 years LexisNexis® South Africa has been at the forefront of legal content and technology, providing intelligent data and analytics solutions to trailblazers in the Corporate, Government and Legal sectors. This guides them to better, more informed decisions, that are grounded in the latest legislation and regulatory developments.

With our international reputation and multinational ethos, backed by local entrepreneurial expertise, we strive to fulfil our business purpose and vision of ‘Enhancing the Potential of the African Continent by Advancing the Rule of Law’. Strategic partnerships and our work across the continent and the Commonwealth help to create a platform for Africa to achieve its full potential and take its rightful place on the global stage.

At the core of our efforts to make meaningful contributions to South Africa and our continent, are our commitment to the Rule of Law and Customer Excellence, our superior Legal Technology and Innovation, holistic Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions and a talented and diverse workforce that has established us as an Employer Brand of Choice.

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