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The Widest Range of Specialist Case Law in South Africa

Our publications are available in print and online formats and cover the widest range of specialist case law available in South Africa. Our range includes Civil, Criminal, Constitutional, Human Rights, Arbitration, Labour, Competition, Pensions and Tax Case Law. With expertly written summaries, cross referencing, indices and more LexisNexis Case Law provide you with accurate and detailed content. Enabling you to stay abreast of legal developments and ensure your research is up to date, precise and dependable.

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Choose from our range Civil, Criminal. Constitutional, Labour, Competition,
Pensions and Tax Case Law.

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Exceptional criminal and civil legal research

The All South African Law Reports provide for exceptional legal research, referencing pertinent and precedent-setting judgements.

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LexisNexis offers the widest range of specialist case law series in South Africa. Enabling even niche practitioners to tailor make a collection to suit their individual needs.

Consolidated Index and Noter-up (Gracies)

An indispensable reference tool for legal practitioners. The only publication that includes dual citations, Words and Phrases, Case History and parallel citations for SALR cases.

Specialist Online Tools

Our specialist online tools save time and give your research the edge. Legal Citator analyses precedential value of a case for you, while Judgments Online bridges research gaps with daily updates and a vast selection of case law

Criminal and Civil Case Law

All South African Law Reports provide high level summaries, cross referencing, indexes with annotations and a table of statutes. The print dates back to 1996 and online to 1828.

Tax Case Law

Established in 1926, The South African Tax Cases Reports are the only comprehensive collection of Tax Case Law available. Content covers South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Pensions Law

Our carefully selected determinations in the Pensions Law Reports appear alongside editor's summaries on the facts and arguments, making the content relevant and accessible.

Constitutional Case Law

Our Constitutional Law Reports and Human Rights Cases provide a diverse selection of local and international case law from a range of jurisdictions.

Labour Case Law

Arbitration Law Reports and Labour Law Reports cover relevant judgments from a range of courts and councils, ensuring you're kept up-to-date in this crucial area.

Competition Case Law

Our Competition Law Reports include authoritively selected judgments from 1999 to date, indices as well as expertly written summaries.

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