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Driven by a desire to make a meaningful contribution to South African society, LexisNexis South Africa is committed to actively advancing the Rule of Law in all we do. And that’s clear to see when it comes to offering our clients access to the latest available case law.

With LexisNexis Case Law, you can stay abreast of the latest legal developments, ensure your research is up to date, select a format that works for you, and tailor your Case Law collection to suit your individual needs.

Because we understand that that topical cases provide legal practitioners with key insights into successful or overruled trials, our selection process ensures that the most precedent setting cases, judgements, reports and commentaries are available to our clients timeously and with ease of access top of mind.


The LexisNexis Case Law index is a free-to-download document, detailing the latest cases from the previous month as selected by our team of legal experts.

Why choose LexisNexis case law?

  • Easy to navigate, online interface
  • Monthly Index to Cases
  • Indices allow for quick referencing and deeper research
  • Topical cases and timely commentary provided by our legal experts
  • Access to the widest range of case law, including civil, criminal, labour, divorce, malpractice, property and tax
  • Exceptional research on cases from across the African continent
  • Reduced research time due to online content management, enhanced search functionality, and citation tools
  • Ability to tailor our range of specialist case law to your needs

Latest Cases


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