What's New in Lexis® Library
Q1 Release 2017
Introducing the latest Lexis® Library release.
Four new features that will change the way you work.

Enhanced functionality with search pre-filters, tax cases included in the law reports focus search, and a point in time view of legislation means you're sure to you work faster and smarter.

And, if you need technical support, we've introduced an instant messenger online chat for your convenience. Read more below or log into Lexis® Library and see for yourself.

Another digital development from LexisNexis.
We've also just launched an update to Lexis® Mobile - now available on your phone, read more below or go to Lexis® Mobile.
You can do a pre-filter and narrow your search by selecting either case law, forms and precedents, gazettes, legislation, news and/or reference material.
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Lexis® Library now and start searching. 
Under "Law Reports" you can now access "South African Tax Cases Reports".
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Lexis® Library now and start searching.
Point in Time allows you to view previous versions of publications, as well as compare different versions to see the changes in the law that have come into effect.
Go to Lexis® Library now and see for yourself. Or read more about the new feature here.
Instant Messenger Online creates a personal connection with customers looking for support. It is a fast and effective way to offer help without interrupting their browsing on Lexis® Library.
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Lexis® Mobile is now available on your phone (android or iPhone). If you're a LexisNexis loose-leaf subscriber, you can now access your products on the go! No need to carry around heavy files or waste time filing updates.
Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play store to download Lexis® Mobile now.