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Q2 Release 2017
LexisNexis Online - What's New?
Introducing the latest LexisNexis Online release.
Three new features to enhance your online experince

Law Reports offers you more online. You can now save or print PDF copies of original individual Law Reports. With page numbers that mirror the print format, providing supporting documents for all references to judgments in heads of arguments has never been easier. 

A new look. When you login to our online product you will notice we’ve introduced a fresh new look to Lexis® Library, Lexis® Practical Guidance and Lexis® Assure. For now, it’s still the same functionality you are used to, just a fresh new look, we hope you like it. 

Live Chat We know that sometimes you have questions about the online LexisNexis content you’re working with (as opposed to general functionality, technical issues or account queries), so we’ve enhanced our Live Chat to allow you to chat directly with the individuals who are responsible for product content. We hope this makes your life easier.

Login to Lexis® Library
Law Reports 
New Look 
Live Chat Upgrade
 Any questions? Contact customercare@lexisnexis.co.za or 0860 765 432
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