Kick start your career

Are you serious about your career and are passionate about programming? Do you spend time reading the right technical blogs? Have you heard of anonymous methods, critical sections and generics and what they’re used for? If you answered yes to the above then we are looking for candidates like you.

Here is what we have to offer


Develop your skills with in-house training, Microsoft certification.

Wide range of applications

Desktop, web services to ASP.Net websites, mobile and databases.


As a Microsoft Gold Partner we have the very latest development software.

The building blocks

We build products; we’re not an
internal IT department.


Easy start with induction programmes and on-going mentorship programmes.


The experience of our 90+
talented developers.

Develop your skills

A mentoring system enables newly recruited graduates to adapt to the work environment easily and comfortably and encourages each to perform at his or her personal best.

How We Work

Our software production team functions as a pool of resources from which we create our project teams. We select the right people for each specific project, based on skills. On completion, staff are moved onto other projects and in this way, we extend everyone’s professional range and at the same time maintain a positive work ethic. This approach benefits both the company and the individual.

Multi-varied Disciplines

Our development is done with microsoft’s C#.Net™ according to agile principles of Scrum. As part of our production department you can be exposed to all the disciplines of the development process such as Project Management, Analysis, Quality Assurance, Research or Architecture, Design and Coding.

Growth Opportunities

Due to the global success of our products, opportunities for customer interaction, requirements gathering and analysis are many and varied. We encourage personal growth by providing our staff with the opportunity to work with highly experienced individuals as well as to share their knowledge with others in a receptive and supportive environment.

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