Hennie Klopper

Emeritus Professor of Private Law at the University of Pretoria

Professor Klopper is an Emeritus Professor of Private Law at the University of Pretoria and has been a practising attorney since 1973. Apart from lecturing in intellectual property, company law, and law of damages, he specialises in the law of third-party compensation. Professor Klopper has published several textbooks and articles on third-party compensation, the law of collisions, intellectual property and cyberlaw, to name but a few subjects. He is currently the leader of the Solutions Task Team of the Association for the Protection of Road Accident Victims (APRAV). He authored the voluminous work, Damages, the extensive and detailed contents proving his knowledge and expertise, accumulated over many years in the legal profession. After much intensive work with the LexisNexis editorial team, Professor Klopper recently launched Quantum: Non-patrimonial Loss, which is a ground-breaking advance in case law and data on injury and loss of amenities of life.

Recent Posts

  • COVID-19: When is a Disaster a Disaster
    A comprehensive survey of the Covid-19 pandemic by Hennie Klopper in which he collates much of the facts and information on Covid-19  without attempting to necessarily create a strictly scientific basis for reviewing and solving the dilemma and problems that the pandemic has created. It is an exercise in appeasing a personal unease over the over-emphasis by the media and international governments of the pandemic and its projected effects and the manner that it is being dealt with.