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In keeping with our focus on the Rule of Law, LexisNexis South Africa (LNSA) has launched a project aimed at informing the general public of their rights during this difficult time. This page will provide free access to resources and information covering a variety of general public themes. We are calling on legal professionals to be a part of this worthwhile initiative, by contributing articles that will address legal related questions, free of charge. For more information please click here.

Information housed on this page does not constitute legal advice, you are advised to seek professional assistance.

Please join LexisNexis and our team of editors as we endeavour to offer assistance to the public in understanding the complexities of the law in relation to the impact of CoVid-19. Send your submissions to

Recent articles

  • Africa's Integrated Response to COVID-19
    The Covid-19 Temporary Relief Scheme Refined – Recent Amendments to the Minister’s DirectiveAmendments published to the Directive responsible for the implementation of the Scheme on 08 April 2020 have clarified the application of the Scheme and have further refined its operation.
  • Clinical Trials: A friend or foe
    Liability insurance in clinical trials is an indemnity covering the liability of an applicant for injury attributable to participation in the clinical trial. The loss covered includes that for medical treatment, and financial or other assistance necessary to adequately compensate participants for resultant impairment disability or handicap. When applying for a clinical trial to be approved, the applicant, the manufacturer, must submit evidence of comprehensive no-fault insurance. It seems that this measure is an adequate filter to avoid any company that may have nefarious intentions.
  • The impact on Education in the time of COVID-19
    Insights on the regulations and directives the South African government and schools implemented to protect children’s rights to education under national lockdown.
  • Quo Vadis - De Beer case
    A critical analysis of the Judgment in De Beer and Others v Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (21542/2020) [2020] ZAGPPHC 184 (2 June 2020) with regard to the constitutional validity of both the  declaration of a state of national disaster and the regulations pursuant thereto.
  • Corporate Governance, King IV and COVID 19
    The role of leadership in both the public and private sector has become pivotal amid the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic and the South African government’s reaction thereto under the Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002 as amended.
  • Online Dispute Resolution
    Online dispute resolution (ODR) is a branch of dispute resolution which uses technology to facilitate the resolution of disputes between parties.  In this respect it is often seen as being the online equivalent of Alternative dispute resolution.  However, ODR can also augment these traditional means of resolving disputes by applying innovative techniques and online technologies to the process.
  • Multi-tiered dispute settlement
    Multi-tiered dispute settlement and the introduction of Rule 41A is a significant evolution of South Africa’s legal system
  • Mediation Advocacy: the art of strategy
    Representing and advising clients in a mediation process – a new practice area for legal representatives. Mediation Advocacy is the technique of strategically presenting a client’s position, needs and interests in a non-adversarial way, and in recognizing that the negotiated outcome to a dispute is usually more flexible, satisfying and sustainable than an order imposed by a court or other tribunal.
  • A pandemic presenting us with an imperative to manage commercial disputes
    The new normal - A pandemic presenting us with an imperative to manage commercial disputes effectively. Appropriate, adaptive dispute resolution broadens the range of services a legal practitioner can deliver with the result that he/she can address a wider range of client’s needs. This is particularly important in this era of a ‘disrupted normal’. Reliance on legal mechanisms under these circumstances is akin to using a blunt instrument to perform delicate surgery.
  • Employees of companies placed in liquidation
    COVID-19 – Companies placed in liquidation: Court leaves SARS weak, but retrenched employees are the real victims