Introducing Lexis+ South Africa

Lexis+, our flagship platform is here. This powerful and intuitive platform is unlike any other in the market. Lexis+ combines our market leading South African content with our AI-powered legal knowledge platform to deliver greater efficiency, increased confidence, and better outcomes for our users.       

As a legal professional in today’s world, you need a legal research platform that prioritises technical accuracy, while aligning with the ethical and professional standards you must uphold. Committed to responsible AI, Lexis+ SA provides just that.

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Get an exclusive sneak peek at Lexis+ South Africa's capabilities and how it promises to revolutionise the legal research landscape

The Future of Legal Research is Finally Here!

In the legal field, the quality of your research directly influences the outcomes of your cases. The challenges legal professionals face do not only include the sheer volume of information but also the critical need for speed and reliability in finding relevant data. Lexis+ SA is designed to address these challenges.

Lexis+ SA sets a new standard by integrating AI and machine learning, delivering unparalleled precision and speed. Our platform streamlines the search process, offering lightning-fast access to vast legal databases with the assurance of trusted, reliable sources. It also provides intuitive case law organisation and powerful analytical tools, ensuring you can navigate the complexities of legal research with ease and confidence.

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