About Lexis Convey

Lexis Convey, formerly known as GhostConvey, is an all-in-one conveyancing management system that automates document assembly, as well as facilitating communication between all stakeholders within the property industry. As market leaders, we strive to provide a solution that simplifies ordinarily complex processes. The Lexis Convey solution enhances the operation of both large-scale and smaller firms, all of whom are able to reduce costs and grow their overall business efficiency through the use of Lexis Convey.

Used not only to produce attorney documents for the property transfer process, Lexis Convey also enables users to create and manage conveyancing matters, capture data required by banks and other industry role players, generate reports and assist with ensuring the firm runs smoothly and efficiently. Lexis Convey is no longer a luxury at attorney offices, it has become a necessity.

Lexis Convey Benefits

Lexis Convey links our customers to a range of innovative software solutions dedicated to streamlining conveyancing, rates clearance and deeds processing activities amongst others. These linked features provide collaborative platforms for all property stakeholders including Banks, Mortgage Originators, Municipalities, Conveyancing Attorneys, Estate Agents and Consumers. Just another reason Lexis Convey is the most comprehensive conveyancing solution in South Africa.

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Secure Chat

Fully integrated with Lexis Convey, Chat lets you instantly communicate and share documents with the correct person regarding a property transaction..

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Lexis® Tracker

Lexis Tracker is an online reporting tool designed for conveyancers to manage all communications with their client base regarding the progress of a property registration.

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Lexis RatesClearance

Fully integrated with an innovative online solution that assists municipalities to process and issue rates clearance certificates

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Lexis® GuaranteeHub

Designed to improve the process of requesting, issuing and accepting guarantees with improved visibility.

Free Training & Support

Lexis Convey is developed with our customers in mind, and because we understand that not everyone is able to leave the office to attend our free regional training sessions, we want to ensure that every client is able to enjoy the full benefits that our feature-rich solution has to offer.

Lexis Convey Online Training is a convenient, easy-to-use and comprehensive online training facility, and is also accessible directly from within Lexis Convey. This training facility is available at any time, is absolutely FREE and, when accessed from within Lexis Convey, requires no additional login.

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