About Lexis DiligenceSpotter

Lexis DiligenceSpotter is an end-to-end workflow solution that integrates third party screening, risk assessment, ongoing monitoring and case management into one, intuitive tool. With Lexis Diligence Spotter you can capture a real-time, daily assessment of risk so you can escalate your due diligence as needed.

How Lexis DiligenceSpotter works

Risk assessment

Uncover and identify potential risks that require escalation or enhanced due diligence.

Third party screening

Identify and screen third-parties against PEPs, Interpol, sanctions and internal lists for a complete, 360-degree view.

Ongoing monitoring

Based on automatic batch screening, regularly check against watch lists to
managing ongoing risk.

Case management

Comprehensive case management, audit and workflow tools help embed a robust due diligence and screening process.

Lexis DiligenceSpotter Benefits


Automate, streamline and
implement a consistent process


Help manage reputational risk
and business strategy

Cost Effective

Align and apportion your due diligence
and screening resources where
they are most effective


Help meet regulatory expectations
and adhere to global standards

Third-party screening

Identify and screen new clients, partners and organisations against Interpol, sanctions and internal lists as part of your KYC process. Manage onboarding with ad hoc and automated checks against watch lists, PEPs and your own internal watch list.

Ongoing monitoring

Conduct automatic batch screenings that check against watch lists as an added layer of due diligence for a risk-based approach to compliance.Take advantage of extensive reporting capabilities including holistic dashboard reporting and individual third-party reporting as well as incorporating ongoing compliance monitoring with follow-up reporting in your workflow.