International Intellectual Property Law reports are now online, current and available to you at the click of a button.

Due to the nature of Intellectual Property (IP) law, the provision of expert services often span across local, national, and international territories. Needless to say that with the growth of digitalisation and expansion of brands and businesses across borders, patents, trademarks and copyright laws have to be compatible across countries.

New to Lexis Library, Harms Intellectual Property (IP) Law Reports is an exclusive online series that focuses on all aspects of IP law, locally in South African and on an international scale. Content is online, easy to navigate and updated twice a month, ensuring that you have access to the most recent and relevant judgments on a global scale. This series delivers the latest international judgments, legislation, bills, international conventions and statutes, articles and the like.

Review USA’s  Most Significant Cases over the Last 10 years - Compiled and edited by D R Harms SC

About the Editor

Derek Rumpff Harms SC is a Senior Advocate practising on a global level. He is also an admitted solicitor of England and Wales. He has been practising 23 years at the Bar in South Africa, focusing on Intellectual Property Law after completing his studies at the specially designated Intellectual Property Law school which was established at Queen Mary and Westfield College, London University.

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