Access to South Africa’s most comprehensive online legal content, and you only pay for the time you use!

With the new Lexis® Library pricing package Time Select, small law firms now benefit from all the advanced Lexis Library online search capabilities to find trusted, up to date information quickly and easily. In addition, with cross-referencing, downloads and intelligent search, you have access to everything needed to manage your research from a single, centralised platform for the duration of the research session you select.

It’s about Time!

With the option of purchasing 10, 20 or 30 research sessions at a time, and top up options on all packages, Time Select is flexible enough to suit your range of research needs and budget.

I am new to Lexis Library. Is there a trial option before I subscribe?

Lexis Library offers 1 free session which allows you to familiarize yourself with the system, research categories, legal citatory and much more.

I am new to Lexis Library. Will my training time form part of my allocated session hours?

An extra hour has been allocated to each pricing package for training to ensure your time is well spent.

I have used all of my allocated hours. Can I Top Up?

The option to top up on sessions and downloads/print/email is available on all pricing packages. Simply login to My Lexis Nexis and select the top up option. A customer care consultant will contact you to update your session hours.

Is Top Up a once off or monthly debit order?

Top Up is a once off, cash payment.

How long will a Top Up last?

The Top Up will last the duration of the contract period or until the sessions and download of the Top Up is used (whichever comes first). If you renew after 12 months and there is still sessions and downloads left from the Top Up, then this will be carried over to the next renewal.

Can I keep my sessions for longer than 12 months?

If you don’t use all your allocation sessions within the 12-month period, the sessions will carry over into the next 12-month period on renewal of your current package. For example, 8 of the 12 sessions are used resulting in 4 sessions being carried over on renewal of your current package.

Can I upload or print documents with the Time Select package?

Options to download and print certain content are included in your package. You also have the choice to include additional Practical Guidance content in your Time Select package.

Is it possible to use 1 Time Select 10 package between 4 employees?

Yes, it is possible however you are only issued with one user name per packages. In saying this, only one person may login at a time.

How long is each research session?

Session duration are dependent on Time Select package purchased. Time Select 10 is 10 x 2 hour sessions, Time Select 20 is 20 x 4-hour session and Time Select 30 is 30 x 6 hour sessions. For example, with a Time Select 10 package, if you log on at 08:00 your session will run until 10:00 and log off automatically. If you happen to take a call or have an unscheduled meeting during your session time, your session will continue to tick over until the 2 hours are finished.

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