About Lexis Pay

Lexis Pay makes payment requisition fast and secure, with just three simple steps. First, secretaries throughout the firm capture the payments they need to be made. Then an authorised director signs in with a digital certificate and approves the payments. And finally, Lexis Pay generates a file with all the payments for the day that your bookkeeper can import into your business banking application.

Lexis Pay Benefits


No duplicate capturing. Gone are the days of having to capture payment details at every step of the process. With Lexis Pay, you need only capture information once.


Rest assured that with Lexis Pay payments are authorised by users that have logged on to the system securely with their own
digital certificate.

Protect Against Fraud

Use the integrated Bank Account Verification to double-check banking details before payment.  This can help protect your firm from some
types of fraud.


Because this platform is web based, you can raise a requisition from any workstation within your firm and not have to worry about  
software installations.

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