Switch to Lexis® RefCheck

Already a registered biometric officer and have purchased a scanner with another service provider? Switching to Lexis RefCheck is easy, we can dual link your scanner and transfer your biometric officers seamlessly and at no additional cost.

LexisNexis is able to open the MSO scanner you have purchased, to multiple service providers at no additional charge, allowing you to continue to conduct criminal checks through Lexis® RefCheck.

All we need in order to open the device is the device serial number and a letter on your company letterhead, stating your request to have the device opened to LexisNexis.

Furthermore if your users have already been trained by another service provider, LexisNexis can have these users enrolled at no additional charge to conduct criminal checks through Lexis RefCheck without having to attend training.

Worried about losing years of fingerprints that you have captured? We can have your fingerprints transferred to Lexis RefCheck and assigned to your account.

Contact us at fingerprint.training@lexisnexis.co.za to switch to Lexis RefCheck.