Minimise the risk of a Medical Malpractice claim

Negligence and malpractice suits are increasingly common, and a clear understanding of what leaves the medical profession exposed, and the steps to take to avoid claims, gives you the best chance of success in a malpractice suit.

A guide for medical and legal practitioners

Medico-legal expert, author John Saner SC, guides you through this complex ethical
field in this brand-new, one-of-a-kind publication.

Legal and practical expectations

There are times when doctors face situations for which they don’t feel entirely prepared or competent.  This books helps understand
how  to deal with those situations.

Clear, easy-to-read language

This is an expert legal publication, written for both legal and medical professionals, but jargon has largely been avoided, making this an accessible and interesting read.

Clarity on legal and ethical issues

Medical Malpractice in South Africa covers the essential issues facing medical professionals on
a daily basis with care, including patient confidentiality, informed consent,
disclosure and more.

The concept of the “Reasonable Doctor”

In malpractice and negligence suits, doctors are judged against a simple standard: What would a “reasonable doctor” have done in the same situation? This work explores the legal interpretation of this standard.

Steps to take to
avoid claims

Once you know what you should be doing and why, avoiding claims is simplified. This down to earth book is designed not only to assist in litigating malpractice claims, but in avoiding them in the first place.

Valuable insights from a medical practitioner

An experienced medical doctor gives his take on all the major concepts in this book, pointing out how the legal concepts are practical
and appropriate.

Medical Malpractice in South Africa

Deals with the practical aspects of medical negligence litigation from a substantive, procedural and ethical point of view. It provides guidance on the many pitfalls in medical negligence litigation which, if not avoided could result in adverse outcomes and substantial costs for the client and attorney. It contains useful appendices such as a detailed medical terms glossary and a guide for the analysis of pleadings.

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