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HR management is a vital part of organisations looking to thrive in today’s modern marketplace. After all, an organisation’s people are its life blood.

Vetting freelancers, negotiating remote work schedules and flexi-time, reducing payroll costs, managing business units such as call centres and security teams… From the way we recruit and hire, to the manner in which we engage with our workforce and deal with procedural labour issues, so much has changed recently in the world of work.

And, much like the new normal we find ourselves in, HR professionals have had to change the way they work with employees and providers in order to effectively respond to the need for business continuity, safety and success in these challenging times.

The solution? With the working world moving increasingly into a digital space, customised digital tools driven by innovative technology, offer the most effective and efficient way to manage and monitor people-related changes and trends in your organisation.

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No matter your business size, you’re sure to find value in our wide range of online HR resources, designed to help you navigate changes in the workplace, update and streamline your HR processes, handle labour issues, and build a strong employee brand

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  • Impact of Covid-19 on call centres
    With Covid-19 impacting daily life across the globe, contact centres have been facing a huge surge in incoming calls as people continue to seek accurate information and reassurance about the impact of the pandemic on their business or personal circumstances.
  • Screening securely for security
    Consumers need to be confident that the companies and the staff they employ are both competent and sufficiently qualified to protect their property and person. Security staff particularly, are employed in a position of trust, it is therefore vital that they meet the minimum requirements.
  • Considering retrenching staff due to COVID-19
    Despite the business challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis, considering alternatives to retrenchment may have a positive impact, not only on your employees, but on your business in the long run – enabling you to preserve your workforce rather than losing valuable members of staff.
  • How do employers conduct fair virtual disciplinary hearings during lockdown
    Insightful suggestions for conducting disciplinary hearings via online platforms of communication such as Zoom, Skype and Video Conferencing when employees cannot enter the workplace or have not yet begun working due to the lockdown.
  • Virtual recruitment in the age of COVID-19
    COVID-19 presents an unprecedented challenge for recruitment, with lockdown restrictions and social distancing requirements pushing many businesses to adopt virtual hiring practices.
  • Effective background screening during a pandemic
    COVID-19 presents an unprecedented challenge for recruitment, with lockdown restrictions and social distancing requirements pushing many businesses to adopt virtual hiring practices.The job market is perceived to be extremely bleak right now as the nation comes to terms with the impact of Covid-19 on the economy. Entire industries have been greatly impacted by loss of revenue and retaining employment within these tough times is not going to be easy.
  • Talent pipeline management today and beyond
    With the move to Level 1 of South Africa’s COVID-19 lockdown, the weakened South African economy now has the opportunity to rebuild, as industries look to recover the significant loss of business experienced over the past six months