Recent articles

  • Mediation between Landlords and Tenants
    Covid-19: Mediation between landlords and tenants – a critical tool now? Using mediation to resolve disputes could prove to be more efficient in the long term, and our economy might depend on it.
  • Adjudication and Mediation
    COVID-19 is an epoch-making opportunity to revamp our entire out-dated and adversarial civil procedure so that it is more in line with the principles of Ubuntu and the Constitution.  At the same time we can massively expand access to justice in the digital world to all, including the poor, by using platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype.
  • Mediation Rule 41A of the High Court
    COVID-19 has put the new Mediation Rule 41A of the High Court at the centre of our legal system. Attorneys are seeing their world turn upside down by social distancing and many are scrambling to understand how Rule 41A and online mediation will help them resolve their clients’ cases. However, it creates a problem-solving environment where a skilful and experienced mediator can help attorneys settle their clients’ cases or limit the issues in dispute.
  • Online Dispute Resolution
    Online dispute resolution (ODR) is a branch of dispute resolution which uses technology to facilitate the resolution of disputes between parties.  In this respect it is often seen as being the online equivalent of Alternative dispute resolution.  However, ODR can also augment these traditional means of resolving disputes by applying innovative techniques and online technologies to the process.