Pheteni Nkuna

Legal Professional

Phetheni Nkuna focuses on employment law. She represents clients (employers)at the CCMA, bargaining councils, and the Labour Court.

Her forte includes dismissal disputes, unfair labour practice disputes, restraints of trade, section 197 transfers, section 189 processes, organisational rights and wage disputes and employment equity. In addition, Phetheni chairs and initiates disciplinary processes and provides training to various clients on a range of topics.

She has serviced clients across the logistics, aviation, mining, conservation, medical, courier services, financial services, and information technology industries. She has done work for both the private and public sectors.

Phetheni is also a writer, having published a number of articles providing insightful analysis of legal issues. She is also a speaker and has appeared on various media platforms, debating, and providing commentary on a number of topics.

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