The Effect of Covid-19 on Occupational Health and Safety

Covid-19 has led to a massive health and safety crisis. Learn how the Coronavirus has affected workplaces and how employees can ensure that occupational health and safety guidelines are adhered to.

With the heavy fines charged due to non-compliance, organizations should check whether their Governance, Risk, and Compliance approaches are working. It's essential that, as an organization, you find a GRC software or program that can manage compliance, streamline audits, and improve information security practices.

The Effect of Covid-19 on Organizations and Employees

The pandemic has had adverse effects on workers and people all over the world. Many people have lost jobs, and others have had their wages reduced. Moreover, workers have an increased risk of exposure or infection with the virus in their workplaces, especially those who offer essential services.

Currently, most organizations operate on essential service mode to comply with social distancing measures and other guidelines. However, not all economic sectors have been able to implement these policies. All workers need to be protected, and it's clear now that employers are more likely to adhere to these controls if mandated by a government agency. Every organization and business should be accountable if they fail to follow occupational health and safety recommendations.

In 2020, the Minister of Employment and Labour issued Covid-19 guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health measures to protect employees in their workplaces. Early this year, the Minister amended the Covid-19 guidelines because the Coronavirus is now a severe pandemic, costing lives and people's livelihoods. The main issue is how employers will keep track of these changes and comply with the regulations.

Covid-19 Guidelines on
Occupational Health and Safety

Organizations should take adequate measures to reduce the spread of the Covid-19. The best-case scenario would be for employees to work remotely, which is impossible in certain economic sectors. In the absence of remote working, it is vital that employers:

  • Provide training and information with regard to Covid-19.
  • Monitor whether the occupational health and safety measures are being followed.
  • Carry out risk assessment and planning for protective measures. For example, employers should assess if vaccination should be mandatory for all employees.
  • Ensure that employees are safe from life-threatening places or places that are hazardous.
  • Offer administrative support and time off for employees to get vaccinated.
  • Encourage social distancing, work rotations, working from home and anything else that can ensure there is no congestion at work.

Introducing Lexis GRC

Complying with various legislations, keeping track of changes, and assessing which guidelines are necessary can be overwhelming. Therefore, it's best to embrace an Environmental Health and Safety Solution, such as Lexis GRC, to ensure your organization is in line with compliance and risk management of Covid-19, as well as other compliance needs.

Lexis GRC can be used as an integrated system or a standalone tool to help you manage your organization's safety, health, environmental, risk, quality, and other management compliance needs. It can help you mitigate risks and protect your reputation.

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A new module to add onto your HSE Package

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