Power Up Your Property Practice

With deals on the table in a world of remote working, Attorneys, Estate Agents, Mortgage Originators, Conveyancers and others in the property value chain have had to change the ways in which they conduct their business.

And now more than ever before, you need the support of secure online conveyancing systems to make the job of conducting property transactions easier, safer and more efficient. 

You’ve already come to know and trust solutions like Lexis Convey, Lexis Rates Clearance and Lexis Windeed. But did you know that there are other solutions available in our stable to keep you covered at every step of your property transaction?

Our collaborative, fully compliant online tools include:

Lexis® Pay

A fast, efficient and secure online platform that enables you to efficiently capture, approve and execute internal payment requisitions, with just three simple steps. First, secretaries throughout the firm capture the payments they need to be made. Then, an authorised director signs in with a digital certificate and approves the payments. And finally, Lexis® Pay generates a file with all the payments for the day that your bookkeeper can import into your business banking application.

Lexis® KYC

Lexis KYC ensure that you are on top of your responsibilities as an estate agent, legal practitioner or conveyancer. With the recent audits and tightening FICA mandatory requirements, Lexis KYC allows you to quickly verify a customer’s identity and validate their physical address against trusted third-party datasets. Store customer documentation and implement a monitoring solution that gives you back the peace of mind you need when it comes to FICA’s risk-based approach.

Lexis® SecureChat

for enhanced communication with attorneys and clients, supported by flawless record-keeping. Lexis SecureChat uses Lexis Gateway Technology and is integrated with Lexis Convey matters to provide a safe and secure electronic communication platform that is POPIA-compliant and protects you and your clients from risk.

Lexis® Sign

A trusted, ground-breaking electronic signature solution suitable for any digitally-geared business. Lexis Sign makes it quick and convenient for all parties to sign, with no more printing, signing and scanning, and no more illegible documents after multiple scans. Get clear and fully-compliant agreements finalised faster than ever before. With Lexis Sign your document is completely tamper-proof and uneditable, ensuring no additions, deletions or missing pages. It’s safe, secure and all online – from sending, signing and receiving, to filing and keeping an audit trail.

Lexis® Tracker

For automated progress reporting on mortgage registration to keep everyone concerned in the loop. The Lexis® Tracker website displays standard progress updates, progress comments and contact details. Consumers can also communicate and share the necessary documents with the conveyancer using the secure message functionality. Lexis® Tracker notifications are customised for specific progress dates according to the firm’s requirements with fully customised branding and wording for each notification. Links to videos and other communication can also be embedded.

At LexisNexis we have a solid history of developing online solutions that simplify work processes and lighten your workload, while always advancing the Rule of Law. Our extensive range of property and conveyancing resources can help you power up your practice of property and conveyancing even further.

Want safe, secure solutions that enhance collaboration and compliance during your property transaction?

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