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The ‘How-To’ of Legal Practice

Looking for the latest legal content in a field outside your expertise? Want expert opinion on the real world application of a point of law? Don’t have the time to spend searching for the most relevant content for a new case? An online solution curated by experts, Lexis Practical Guidance offers the latest legal content consolidated under relevant topics, bridging the gap between understanding the law and applying it in real terms.

Acting as a quick reference guide, a precedent bank and a trusted resource tool, Lexis Practical Guidance is an easy-to-navigate online resource that gives legal practitioners detailed, up-to-date information across various practice areas. Designed to bridge the gap between legal knowledge and application, it also offers numerous resources to ensure the practical implementation of the law.

How does it work?

Available on a subscription basis, Lexis Practical Guidance provides clear direction on how to apply the law, with best practices, policies and procedures. Rather than being structured in an academic way, the content is topic focused and replicates the main workflows and questions that practitioners face in that area of law. The result? Speedy access to accurate and relevant information, expert opinion, and practical resources for over 30 practice areas, all in a user-friendly format on a single online platform.

Why use Lexis Practical Guidance?

  • Content is curated by experts from leading law firms
  • Content is structured by topic through simple, practical guides to ensure quick answers
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface offers access to practical, applicable and up-to-date legal material including guidance notes, up to date legislation, precedent setting judgments, case law and other resources such as customisable forms and checklists
  • Increases your legal capacity, saving costs by reducing your reliance on outsourcing
  • Reduces your research time while providing legal certainty
  • Helps seasoned professionals stay up to date on areas of interest while acting as an upskilling tool for juniors

Online, on hand and on point.
What more could you ask for?

Stop wasting time and focus on what matters – how you can use your expertise and our knowledge to ensure the best case scenario. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a junior attorney, Lexis Practical Guidance offers you the tailored legal research you need.

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