Make the switch to the new Practical Guidance User Interface

Lexis® Practical Guidance is the “how-to” of legal practice that gives you everything you need to know on a single, easy-to-use online platform. Designed for business, HR, and  legal professionals, it works to bridge the gap between understanding the law and its practical application.

And the new user interface means it’s easier to use than ever! With a modernised look, improved navigation and search functionality, and easier access to specific legal content, Practical Guidance is available across any device at any time.

Navigating Lexis Practical Guidance


Take a quick tour of the improved interface:

Easy access to your content from our home page:
* A - Practice Areas
* B - History: Documents that were opened previously
* C - Calendar: Upcoming legal / tech events

Access Practice Areas, Topics and Subtopics:
* Click on a PRACTICE AREA to open TOPICS
* Click on a TOPIC to open SUBTOPICS

Access Guidance Notes:
* Click on a SUBTOPIC to view GUIDANCE NOTES

Under Essentials, you will be able to view all additional resources, including:
* Forms and precedents
* Checklists
* Other resources

Access Library content:
Select References to view Library content including:
* Legislation
* Case Law
* Commentary

Switch To Classic:


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