The Public Sector Story

27 September 2016 10:12am

How do you manage the 'better for less' challenge as lawyers in the public sector yet continue to support your organization in delivering crucial public services? 

You decided to work in the public sector for a whole variety of reasons, but a desire to provide services for the social good was probably high up on the list of reasons.

You know better than us just how much change the public sector has experienced over the last few years and how much more change is yet to come. There has been a transformation in working practices and large reductions in budgets. All the while, you have been required to maintain services and deliver statutory obligations to citizens at local or national level.

At the same time, you have had to help develop and support new models for delivering public services while facing unprecedented levels of political and public scrutiny.

No-one understands this the way we do. Why? We spend a great deal of time listening to public sector lawyers.

As a result, we've developed an unrivalled portfolio of information and services to help you meet immediate and longer-term challenges, so that you get the best result for your organization.

We can:

  • Provide you with the right information in right format at right time to solve customers' issues and speed up the decision making process with no loss of quality.
  • Roll out new technology to automate processes traditionally done by people to reduce overheads and increase accuracy.
  • Help you take on new roles and responsibilities with confidence to ensure your organization still functions effectively.

At the same time, we're here to help you adapt to inevitable change. We ensure our information and guidance always keeps pace with current law and practice by working with our Advisory Boards, made up of senior lawyers who specialize in supporting the public sector.

It's an ongoing process, but we're determined to continue providing public sector lawyers with the best possible support.