Lexis Refcheck

Remote Comprehensive Verification

Lexis RefCheck allows you to verify all your candidates’ details quickly and accurately through access to various official databases. Seeking to automate the processing of applications as much as possible, Lexis RefCheck eliminates human error and offers a smooth and speedy digital solution. Driven by a commitment to transparency, data integrity and digital flexibility, Lexis RefCheck is the ideal screening system for today’s organisations.

Lexis RefCheck responds to current concerns:

  • Verification of all candidate details (including criminal checks) online, quickly and accurately
  • Electronic consent forms that allow for digital signatures while limiting person-to-person contact
  • Mobile Fingerprint Hubs with an online booking service for one-on-one screenings available countrywide and set-up for safety and comfort
  • Biometric and RefCheck systems training conducted online
  • Dedicated online or remote access Account Managers and call centre agents
  • 24/7 access to the RefCheck system with user name and password restrictions
  • Wide range of verification checks as required for the candidate
  • Comprehensive reporting, from test results to candidate costs
  • No registration or monthly subscription fee – users are charged monthly for usage only

Designed with the customer in mind, Lexis RefCheck promises to deliver quality assured verifications with integrity and speed, meeting all your pre-employment and screening needs during COVID-19 and beyond.

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