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MyLexisNexis is the go-to online digital platform for all your legal research, guidance and regulatory update needs.

LexisLibrary is one of the three products offered on the MyLexisNexis digital platform solution. It is a comprehensive online collection of legal information, organised by practice Area.

You can choose only the information relevant to your work or access the entire LexisLibary which includes legislation, commentary, case law and more.

With filing and storing of information, search history, email forwarding options, downloads, cross-referencing and intelligent search, making researching legal information as efficient as possible.

Practical Guidance is the first of its kind in the South African market. You can rely on content written by experts. It is designed by practice area, the modules provide access to a board collection of guidance note, commentary, case law, forms & precedents, checklists and other resources across the topics that you need.

Practical Guidance improves efficiency, reduces outsourcing costs, and manages legal risk. This valuable tool will help you focus on what you do best by improving your productivity and helping you move confidently into new areas of law.

LexisAssure is a customisable regulatory alert system that will ensure you are always on the right side of the Law.

LexisAssure will provide not only the alert warning via daily mails, but also all the explanation summaries and appropriate links to Practical Guidance for you to take action. Each alert is also rated with the risk-level, and penalties that come with non-compliance. This helps companies take action in order of priority and seriousness of the penalty.

LexisAssure is a pro-active, simple solution, saving your company time and money, and giving you 100% assurance.

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