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LexisNexis provides all the content, tools and technology needed for a holistic approach to governance risk and compliance in any organisation. Developed for today’s ever changing regulatory environment, our customisable online product offering provides a comprehensive reputation protection solution to suit a wide range of needs and requirements.In age of information overload, you can trust LexisNexis to provide all the content, tools and technology you need to find accurate, relevant information and help you make decisions that count. In short, all you need to know.

With Lexis®️ Assure, keeping compliant has never been easier

Part of managing risk and compliance in organisations is knowing timeously what is changing in the regulatory environment, as it pertains to your course of business. Keeping abreast of these changes and what they mean for your business is time consuming. With Lexis Assure's automated regulatory alerts and compliance management system, keeping compliant has never been easier.

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Turn Risk into Value with Lexis® GRC

We know those charged with the role of risk and compliance within organisations experience the gravity of the role, even with having the right tools to perform the function efficiently. Many, however don't have a tool that provides ease of reporting, dashboard views, and the right type of online compliance software that delivers a sense of comfort – and are still working using manual processes to meet obligations.
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Lexis® Practical Guidance Compliance

Lexis Practical Guidance Compliance is an online reference tool that contains polices, charters and manuals that assist users in reviewing, updating and creating an open and transparent corporate compliance culture within an organisation.

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