Fully consolidated, current and cross-referenced legislation

South African national, provincial and local government legislation and Government Gazettes. Accurate, up to date and complete collection of Acts, Bills, by-laws, subordinate legislation and Gazettes. Various solutions published online on Lexis Library, in print loose-leaf and bound formats and in digital format on LexisMobile. Updated daily, weekly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually depending on your choice of format.

Lexis® Library: National Legislation

  • Fully cross-referenced and current consolidated Acts and regulations from 1910 to date, including repealed legislation
  • Updated daily and accessible to browse in alphabetical or chronological order or by research area
  • Fully annotated with links from principal Acts to amendment Acts, regulations and wording of sections prior to amendment for easy cross-referencing
  • Acts and regulations new releases available within 24 hours
  • Bills, draft Bills and Green and White Papers available within 24 hours
  • Includes additional features such as the complementary Bill Tracker, Legislation Watch, Gazette Watch and the Quick Guide.
  • Wette, regulasies and indeks also available in Afrikaans where applicable

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Research areas

View a complete list of current Acts, Bills and regulations relevant to your practice area.
The Research Areas Table of Contents does your research for you by selecting the relevant legislation quickly and easily.

FREE Bill Tracker

Tracks the lifecycle of new Bills from
discussion and introduction by the Minister, Portfolio Committee or Assembly member, through consideration by the Houses of Parliament and to assent by the President

Enhanced online functionality

The Lexis® Library toolbar gives quick access to icons to e-mail, print or download legislation. Highlight text and create notes and folders to view later. An advanced search feature allows for easy navigation. The Mobi site enables access on your mobile device.


The full text of all pending amendments is  included in the Acts so that you can view the present status of legislation as well as proposed provisions. All proposed amendments appear in a text box  to distinguish them from current legislative provisions for you.

Legal Citator

The Legal Citator is an additional subscription service that links sections of the Acts to relevant cases with full citations and determination of their precedential value. Watch this video to find more what our customers have to say about this product.

Key titles available in print

Statutes of South Africa (bound edition)

Nine annually updated A5 hard cover volumes arranged under 35 subject titles. The set includes fully consolidated and annotated enforced Acts (excl. purely financial measures). Also included are summaries of Amending Acts, tables of Gazettes (from 1990), statutes judicially considered (from 1947) and Acts alphabetical and chronological listed (from 1910).

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