Leveraging LexisNexis' ability to develop quality, information-driven systems, Lexis® ProcureCheck uses advanced technology and multiple databases to highlight any conflicts of interest that exist in both your human resources and procurement environments. Lexis ProcureCheck is a solution designed for the South African market to assist procurement, compliance and forensic auditing departments in their procurement vetting, supply chain audit and supplier management processes.

Now vendor vetting can be conducted effortlessly on an ongoing basis using advanced functionality to guide you through a practical supplier vetting and escalation process as accurately and easily as possible. Comprehensive employee vetting against leading South African datasets helps to identify business interests and property ownership of individuals within your organisation and, when cross-matched against your supplier database, can also help to identify connections that pose a financial and reputational risk to your business.

Ongoing monitoring is crucial to your digital procurement environment as suppliers are onboarded every day, leading to new information on both employees and vendors. With Lexis ProcureCheck’s powerful cross-matching capabilities running every 48 hours, you will never miss any important information.

Advancing supplier information

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Simple, yet powerful.

Don't be fooled by the simple look and feel of Lexis ProcureCheck, the technology behind this powerful tool, provides you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

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Bird's eye view

The easy view dashboard provides a high level view of all current tasks and provides a quick click through to reports containing vital information and alerts.

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Information into insight

Let Lexis ProcureCheck analyse various data sets and alert you to the essential information you need, when you need it.

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Non-preferred list

Create your own watch list of individuals and organizations disqualified from
future business dealings.

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