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Recent Alerts

FSCA fines METCI R100 million
MET Collective Investments (Pty) Ltd fined for R100 Million for  Contravention of Financial Sector Laws
Date of Initial Alert:
03 October 2019
Affected Stakeholders:
Financial Services Board, General public, Financial Service Providers
Outline Brief:
The FSCA imposed an administrative penalty of R100  Million on MET Collective Investments (Pty) Ltd (METCI), for contravention of  various financial sector laws including section 4 of the Collective Investments  Schemes Control Act No. 45 of 2002 (CISCA) and Board Notice 90 and 92. Upon  investigating, the FSCA found that: METCI did not have proper risk management  processes in place to manage and exercise proper control, oversight and  governance over the Fund.
Postal Services Act, No. 124 of 1998
Publication of ICASA's Draft Unreserved Postal Service Regulations, 2019
Date of Initial Alert:
27 September 2019
Affected Stakeholders:
Business Owners, Manufacturing Sector, Import and Export Sector,  Retailers, Postal Services, Telecommunications Sector, Finance and Banking  Sector
Outline Brief:
These regulations apply to a registered operator or  registrant who provides unreserved postal services listed in Schedule 2 of the  Act. The purpose of these Regulations is to set out the procedure for the:  application; renewal; notification for change of information; and surrender of  the registration certificate for the provision of unreserved postal service.
GNR 1262 of 2019
Publication of the fourth amendment of the mortgaging of aircraft  regulations
Date of Initial Alert:
27 September 2019
Affected Stakeholders:
Air Transport users, Aviation Companies, Institute of Civil Aviation  Mozambique, International Civil Aviation Organisation
Outline Brief:
This publication amends regulation 8 of the Mortgaging  of Aircraft Regulations which regulates the process of registering,  transferring and discharging of mortgages and connected fees. The Regulations  were last amended in 2018 and fees provisions, have become outdated. The  proposal is intended to amend the fees relating to mortgaging by a CPI plus 1  %.

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