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Rely on Lexis Assure for your compliance needs

In a highly regulated country like South Africa, ensuring regulatory compliance can be challenging. Curated by top legal experts, Lexis Assure is an online system that allows you to keep up to date with regulatory changes as well as effectively manage associated compliance risks.

You can rely on automated alerts from Lexis Assure to provide you with accurate and reliable legal content. These alerts include executive summaries, clear analyses, audit questions and compliance calendars, so you can track changes and respond without ever missing a deadline.

With Lexis Assure, your compliance management team with always be up to date with the changes that impact your business the most. Simply put, with Lexis Assure, compliance has never been easier.

Work for the government?

Keep up with legislative changes and ensure effective compliance monitoring with a system that offers executive summaries and compliance calendars for easy tracking and reporting. Ask about our exclusive 50% discounted offer tailored for Government & Public Sector here.

Customised alerts organised by subject area, aligned by industry

Start with the General Legislation Package, covering legislative changes to human resources, corporate finance and general compliance across all industries. Alternatively, choose industry specific subject areas or content from the rest of Africa, to meet your specific compliance monitoring needs.

Industry specific content covers: African country legislation:

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