Lexis® Assure

Intuitive system

Minimal training required, this is an efficient, easy-to-use system.

Best practice

No need to develop your own measurement
and control systems.

Assign risk and controls

Assign inherent risks and control measures at Act or section level and evaluate residual risk.


Customise your regulatory universe, getting the right content to your desktop to meet your requirements.

Measure compliance Status

Audit Checklist to measure compliance, and capture results for an aggregated
Compliance Audit result.

Simple, accurate reporting

Reporting gives executives and managers the opportunity to easily understand the status of compliance risk and levels of compliance.

Customised alerts organised by subject area, aligned by industry

Start with the Essential Package, covering legislative changes to human resources, corporate finance and general compliance across all industries. Alternatively, choose industry specific subject areas or content from the rest of Africa.

Industry specific content covers: African country legislation:

Advancing legal intelligence in Africa

Africa is business-ready and with a significant appetite for growth in the continent, being deliberate in your legal preparation and determined to achieve the best possible outcome, is now much easier. With our focus on advancing legal intelligence in Africa we can help you understand the legal terrain better. Lexis® Library provides access to country legislation, commentary and regulatory information from a single, centralised platform. Access the widest range of African legislation and with Lexis® Assure, easily keep track of regulatory changes that may impact your business. LexisNexis makes African legislation accessible.

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Lexis® GRC

We know those charged with the role of risk and compliance within organisations experience the gravity of the role, even with having the right tools to perform the function efficiently. Many, however don't have a tool that provides ease of reporting, dashboard views, and the right type of online compliance software that delivers a sense of comfort – and are still working using manual processes to meet obligations.

Read more or talk to us about Lexis GRC, we'd like to help lift the load.

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