Message from Videsha Proothveerajh, LexisNexis SA Managing Director

Our Rule of Law purpose guides us in everything that we do. It’s the core of who we are as a business and where I believe we can make the greatest impact on society. I am privileged to work with a team that truly has a higher purpose which is to Advance the Rule of Law. I want to expand on this purpose and translate what it means for us as a legal technology organisation with a multinational ethos to make meaningful contributions to South Africa.

What is The Rule of Law?

The Rule of Law, in its most basic form, is the principle that no person is above the law. The rule follows from the idea that truth, and therefore law, is based upon fundamental principles which can be discovered, but which cannot be created through an act of will.

About Human Trafficking

Simply defined, human trafficking is forcing or manipulating a person against their will into sexual or labour exploitation, within their own country or across borders.

Combatting Human Trafficking

What it takes to turn a person who is destitute and vulnerable into a slave, is the absence of the Rule of Law. That is why we are committed to the Rule of Law principle, to establish advanced legal systems in places where human beings are seen as commodities.