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  • Covid-19 Accelerates Virtual Working Shift
    COVID-19 has presented a significant reset in terms of how we work. While the pandemic initially forced many companies to hastily embrace remote working, it could in fact permanently shift working patterns as more organisations find that the virtual working model actually suits the needs of their business and its employees far better.
  • 12 ways digital signatures can aid businesses working remotely
    While South Africa has moved to lower levels of its COVID-19 lockdown, the risk of renewed waves or surges of the pandemic over the next few months means that many businesses have chosen to maintain their virtual and remote working practices.
  • COVID-19 gives rise to virtual law firms
    ] The national lockdown due to COVID-19 has disrupted the way the legal sector operates. Considered non-essential services under the initial lockdown ruling, legal professionals have had to find ways to navigate their roles without leaving their homes. Embracing technology and virtual working has become a priority, moving the industry towards reliable legal technologies to meet research and practice needs.
  • Recruiting in the age of COVID-19
    While there is a lot of uncertainty during this lockdown period, one factor remains consistent – business cannot come to a complete stop. Therefore, it is imperative that procedures – including that of recruitment – evolve to adapt to the new global reality.
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