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The new normal for business is unlike anything we have yet become accustomed to. Since the declaration of Covid-19 as a pandemic which resulted in South Africa invoking the Disaster Management Act we have been forced to consider a new way to conduct business. Gone are the days of face to face meetings, group events and consultations. But, with this change comes opportunity.

At Lexis Nexis we’re not newcomers when it comes to expert content. In fact, LexisNexis has been long trusted to provide accurate, precise, reliable information. And it’s in this light that we intend to continue.

Drawing on our expert authors, contributors and partners we are offering free LexisNexis Webinars on a wide range of topical, relevant and impactful content.  Direct to your desktop, mobile or tablet, sign up now and keep informed.

Upcoming Events

4-May-21 10:00 FICA Compliance and Regulations Click Here
5-May-21 GRC: Continuing private and public governance failure 
6-May-21 POPIA with Ahmore 
18-May-21 CHRO and LexisNexis HR webinar 
25-May-21 Rule of Law Cafe: Africa Day 

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