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Lexis® Library is South Africa's most authoritative and comprehensive online legal research tool. Advanced online search capabilities ensure you can always find trusted, up-to-date information quickly and easily. With filing and storing of information, search history, email forwarding options, cross-referencing, downloads and intelligent search, Lexis Library provides everything you need to manage all your research from a single, centralised platform.  Log in to Lexis Library to analyse case law, monitor changes to legislation, reference law reports and keep up to date with all the latest news and commentaries. It's the smartest way to manage your legal research.

All current and repealed Acts since 1910

Every South African Principal Act at your fingertips. Plus Regulations, Bills, wording of sections prior to various amendments and proposed amendments not yet commenced

Reduce research time with Legal Citator

Unique to LexisNexis, Legal Citator examines the way in which reported judgments are treated as precedent and links sections of Acts to the relevant cases.

Widest range of specialist case law

In addition to the criminal and civil case law in ALLSA, our specialist law report series covers Constitutional, Competition, Pensions, Labour and Tax cases.

Over 40 research areas of expert Commentary

The most comprehensive collection of trusted legal commentary on all aspects of the law, for thorough, reliable legal research

Powerful Search from a single platform

Cross-reference between commentary, cases, legislation and more. Finding the content you need has never been easier or faster

Stay up-to-date with daily email alerts

With daily email alerts from Current Awareness you're always up to date with news, case law and any changes to legislation.

Change the way you research

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What’s new in Lexis Library

Lexis Library What’s New brings you up-to-date with the latest improvements in your Lexis Library online service, giving you a quarterly update on how Lexis Library has improved.

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