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With over 80 years in the industry, LexisNexis understands the legal landscape best. We offer authoritative and trusted content such as Amler’s Precedents of Pleadings by LTC Harms which is a must-have for all litigators. Our range of products offer the most innovative and comprehensive solutions to suit your every need. You can choose from our traditional print products like Civil Practice in the Magistrate’s Courts: The Practitioner’s Manual by Chris Marnewick SC or go digital with the eBook. Our loose-leaf products such as Civil Procedure in the Superior Courts by D Harms are now available on Lexis® Mobile which means you can access your loose-leaf content on the go whether you are on or offline.

Some of our more advanced solutions include Lexis® Practical Guidance: Civil Procedure. This online how-to guide offers critical and up-to-date civil procedure information in the form of legislation, case law, guidance notes, practice directives, checklists and forms and precedents. Or choose Lexis® Library for a more tailored approach. It provides everything you need to manage all your research from a single, centralised platform. When it comes to civil procedure, we have everything you need. Stay informed of legislative changes, precedent-setting judgments and industry-related developments through LexisNexis.

Expert authors

Our diverse and esteemed panel of authors include judges, advocates, attorneys, academics and industry experts and thought leaders

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When legislative changes
occur our content is updated accordingly
in both print and digital formats

Authoritative commentaries

Wide range of commentaries
provide the most authoritative and comprehensive analysis of civil procedure

Comprehensive legislation

Our library offers one of the
most extensive collections of legislation available in South Africa

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Busy litigators can now browse their subscriptions to Lexis Library or Lexis Practical Guidance for free. Perform research, look up references and access precedents to make the most efficient use of your time spent at court.

All Wi-Fi users receive up to 40MB of free data every day to browse the internet. Receive your free vouchers by logging into your Facebook account via the Skyrove LexisNexis webpage or sending a request via sms.

Lexis® Practical Guidance: Civil Procedure

Get direct online access to critical, up-to-date civil procedure information and guidance that you can rely on. With Practical Guidance Civil Procedure, you can easily acquire a practical understanding of civil procedure, the related court rules and other key legislation, without losing the intricate details of the law.

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