Advancing with Lexis MetroIQ

Lexis MetroIQ assists in maintaining an accurate and up-to-date property registry that allows municipalities to
operate efficiently and effectively throughout the property transfer, billing and collections process.

By identifying any changes in property transfers, subdivisions and consolidations, you are able to quickly update
account records to ensure accurate billing, improve collection of rates, and ultimately meet audit requirements.

Improved Billing and Collections Process

Eliminate the delay between a property transfer and your first billing date, ensuring accurate billing from the start.

No More
Manual Batches

No more combing through Excel spreadsheets. Lexis MetroIQ gives you the information you want, in the format you want online.

Protect your Organisation

Mitigate the reputational risk associated with poor audit results through proactive  
reporting and usage statistics.

Reduce Cost and
Improve Process

Centralised information on Lexis MetroIQ
is available to all departments within the municipality reducing cost associated with separate systems and duplicated processing.

Identification of
Missing Properties

By importing your existing data and comparing it to the property information held at the Deeds Office, Lexis MetroIQ can identify properties missing in your database that may not have been billed, or properties that may not be registered at the Deeds Office but found within
your area of interest.

Auditor General Reporting

An up-to-date property register allows accurate reporting when it comes to meeting legislative and annual audit requirements, such as Municipal Property Rates Act and the
Municipal Standard Chart of Account.

Notifications on Key Property Changes

Lexis MetroIQ will automatically identify changes to properties within your area of interest, proactively notifying you of transfer, subdivision or consolidation changes as they take place at the Deeds Office.

Features of Lexis MetroIQ

Spatial Mapping
of Area of Interest

With our advanced spatial mapping functionality, you can control any changes to your municipal boundaries with a simple click, allowing us to immediately update your property register.


Visually investigate a specific property or street when variations of the street name exists.

Property Reports

Generate unlimited Property and Transfer Reports for a more deep-dive investigation on unpaid properties.

Area Reporting

Generate standard and custom-built reports pertaining to the changes in property information for each area of interest.

Centralised View

View all details pertaining to a particular property in one single place, including property information, Property Reports and any comments captured by the user.

Automated updates of reports

A Current Report is a saved version of a report that is automatically updated to ensure that you are always viewing the latest set of data.


Easily export lists of property transfers, subdivisions, and consolidations for effortless importing into centralised databases and systems.

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