Meet our leaders

Terrance Naidoo

Appointed to the board: January 2006


Terrance is responsible for managing the Product Centre of Excellence within our organisation to match our growth strategy and business needs. His role includes deploying the BKM’s (Best-Known Methods) to set up the business for success and sustainable innovation. In his role Terrance ensures adequate investments in technology, processes and people, ensuring that our business provides solutions, products and services that drive business growth and sustainability. His key responsibilities include outlining the company's product vision, strategy and culture, while enacting a world-class customer discovery and product development methodology.

Ian Andrews



Ian is responsible for the company’s overall financial forecasting and reporting systems. Key to his role is managing the collections department by ensuring that company’s financial losses are minimised, maintaining effective debt recovery processes and reporting the collection department’s progress and statistics. In his capacity as CFO Ian has overarching responsibility in upholding financial compliance and corporate governance within the business. Ian’s experience spans over several years and includes working in two significant acquisition and integration projects for Barclays. In 2015, Ian played a pivotal role in the financial reporting and integration project for the then-acquired Korbitec business by LexisNexis. Ian’s strengths lie in his ability to assimilate large amounts of data and complex relationships in a challenging business environment and understand the impact of differing ways forward on multiple competing priorities

Revona Govender



Revona Naidoo’s responsibilities include leading Customer Excellence, Production & Distribution, Facilities, Procurement and Transformation. She also leads our Lexis Practical Guidance, Lexis Assure and Core Editorial teams, based on the knowledge that our Editorial Content is at the centre of ensuring an effective and seamless customer experience for our clients. She has also been appointed as Director representing 12% of the LexisNexis Employee Share Participation Trust.  Revona has a long-standing history in LexisNexis having managed our Human Resource and Payroll function for several years. Her vision for LexisNexis is to have customer centricity at the heart of everything we do and to leverage our international parent company’s global expertise to deliver localised customer solutions.