LexisNexis Corporate Responsibility

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LexisNexis and its employees worldwide care deeply about adhering to the highest standards of behavior so that customers, suppliers and the global community continue to recognise us as an open, honest and principled organisation. Dedicated to corporate responsibility, LexisNexis works collaboratively to improve the lives of others in our local and global communities, to champion ethical corporate behavior and business practices, to minimize the company's environmental footprint and to provide a positive workplace environment.

Responsible Business Practices

LexisNexis believes that good governance is essential for the success of its business. Not just a legal requirement, it is an important business practice that increases shareholder confidence, employee morale and the public impression of our company. We support and uphold the principles and processes of good governance in our corporate values, in our strictly enforced code of ethics and in the manner in which we conduct our business worldwide.


LexisNexis South Africa believes that community giving is both an opportunity to play a positive role in both our global and local communities and our responsibility as a good corporate citizen. Part of our many LexisNexis Cares activities in 2008, included working with communities in KwaNdengezi in KwaZulu Natal, the Boitshoko centre in Johannesburg and the Saartjie Baartman center in Cape Town. Our Durban and Pietermaritzburg office worked in the KwaNdengezi community where we erected a boundary fence, cleared land, renovated a building, prepared and provided lunch for the community and donated items of all kind.


We recognise that our energy, water and paper consumption; generation of waste; manufacturing and packaging; utilization of print and production technologies, and transportation have an environmental impact. To reduce our negative impact, we will be using a 2008 baseline to reduce our waste, CO2 emissions, energy and water consumption in 2009. To achieve this goal, an environmental policy is being created and implemented. Our policy will be in accordance with all relevant legislation and regulation, but most importantly, it will highlight the passion and respect we have for our environment.


LexisNexis is a leading global provider of information and services solutions to professionals in a variety of areas, including: legal, corporate, government, law enforcement, tax, accounting, academic, and risk and compliance assessment.

We have built our brand from a foundation of reliable, accurate and timely information. Through the integration of premium information sources and technology, LexisNexis helps customers in over 100 countries make confident business decisions. Across the globe, our customers have access to five billion searchable documents from more than 40,000 legal, news and business sources.

In order to do so, we expect high quality and integrity from our suppliers.