LexisNexis Workflow Solutions has a 40-year history as trusted industry pioneers, developing market-leading desktop software, online products and data solutions for all spheres of the South African property industry. Our products are used by all stakeholders in the transfer of property ownership, from consumers and Real Estate Agencies to Conveyancing Attorneys, Financial Institutions, Local Municipalities and the Deeds Office. The business is the first of its kind in South Africa, with leading product, Lexis Convey. Business Software Solutions strive for innovation and the ongoing development of our technology and solutions, increasing the benefit to all involved in the property industry. With the support of extensive finance, marketing and customer management capabilities, we pride ourselves on the continued delivery and support of tomorrow’s solutions, today.

Lexis® Convey

For more than 30 years, Lexis Convey formerly known as GhostConvey has been, and remains, the market-leading conveyancing software among South African Attorneys. Lexis Convey is a conveyancing workflow system that automates document assembly and the correspondence associated with mortgage bond registrations, consents and property transfers. Lexis Convey integrates seamlessly with banks, municipalities, attorneys and accounting systems, providing for automated and manual communication and reporting to all stakeholders.

Lexis® RatesClearance

Lexis RatesClearance is an online solution that assists municipalities to process and issue rates clearance certificates, and process figures, valuation certificates and refund applications. Lexis RatesClearance enables the municipality to customise the system to best support their internal processes. Lexis RatesClearance also provides a convenient platform for electronically transferring information and communicating with other stakeholders in the rates clearance process while providing management reports allowing the municipality to monitor usage and efficiency.

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