About Lexis® Gateway

Lexis Gateway is a secure messaging switch servicing the conveyancing industry with over 2 000 active attorneys. Typically, messages are switched between bank systems (in this case Lexis Instruct) and the attorney's document generation and practice management software (Lexis Convey, LegalSuite and Legal Perfect). As it integrates directly into the latter, additional data capture is unnecessary.

All messaging activity is recorded and these records are harnessed to produce powerful management reports.

Lexis® Gateway Features

Lexis Gateway enforces the rule of law by ensuring that data as used by our customers on Lexis Gateway occurs on a secure platform in accordance with our law.

End to end encryptions

Lexis Gateway offers a secure platform using a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to authenticate, identify and encrypt business to business messages, ensuring they are tamper proof.

Management reports

Because all messaging activity is recorded, these records can be harnessed to produce powerful management reports.

Compliance management

Lexis Gateway’s infrastructure and security features has led to the development of Lexis SupplierCompliance.

Lexis Gateway router

Allows other online services to 'sit' behind and benefit from Gateway security (includes Lexis GuaranteeHub, Lexis Doc Assembly and Lexis RatesClearance).

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