About Lexis Tracker

Lexis Tracker is the automated matter progress reporting tool that allows your clients and
stakeholders to stay in the loop in real-time, and you to stay in control.

Why Use Lexis Tracker

If client service is your firm’s priority – Lexis Tracker is here to assist.
Now our team can spend less time and resources on reporting and more time on enhancing their output.

Improve Productivity
By 20%

Lexis Tracker collates and sends up-to-date matter reports automatically, according to your​ specifications. No more manual reporting means your paralegals get up to 20% of their time back to spend on the matters at hand.

Our Tool,
Your Branding

Reports, notifications and real-time dashboards can be customised with your firm’s branding. In a highly competitive market, this is a perfect opportunity to build your brand
in the mind of your client.

About Lexis Tracker

Lexis Tracker is the automated Matter Progress Reporting Tool which allows you to view the status of all your deals in one dashboard.


Features and Functionality

LexisNexis Botswana 

Fully Customisable

Choose and edit your milestone. Hand-pick the stakeholders, you'd like to share progress with via the standard reporting or extra email notifications.

LexisNexis Botswana 

Keep Stakeholders Informed

Automated matter progress reports are emailed to your selected stakeholders weekly. They can also view their matters in real-time by logging on to the Lexis Tracker website.

LexisNexis Botswana 

Build your Brand

Reports, notifications and the Lexis Tracker website are fully branded with your firm's logo and colour scheme.

LexisNexis Botswana 

Communication made simpler

Enable the Messaging functionality to communicate with a stakeholder directly from Lexis Tracker.

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